Friday, October 27, 2006

Ass Hats Downtown

This past Friday night my roommate and I decided to walk around downtown just to get out of the house. We were dressed in jeans, sweaters, and tennis shoes, NOT that what we were wearing has a damn thing to do with it. As we walked in front of a bar a guy started walking next to my roommate and making growling and barking sounds. I don't know if he was just trying to scare us or what but I turned to him and said, "Seriously? Is that what you're really doing right now?" At that point, he stopped walking with us but stood watching us walk away while he loudly sang "Shake That Ass For Me" by Eminem. I turned and yelled for him to shut up, not that it did any good.

As the night went on and we continued our walk, several other ass hats made lewd comments or gestures as they passed us. We started keeping track and we were up to 5 different guys by the time we went home. What the hell? Can't two women just walk around after dark without this crap?

My being a woman is not an invitation to degrade, demean, harass, or even speak to me, let alone make me feel unsafe in my own town.

Posted by: G

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Me and my friend Sarah were on our way home from cheerleading practice, when two guys walked past us and started yelling stuff like "hey chica wanna do some cheers for me" and licking there lips.

We just ignored them and started walking faster. it made me feel horrible. im proud of being a cheerleader because its one of the few things im actaully good at but at that second they made me feel like shit for being a cheerleader. i wish i could have gotten a photo of those slime balls but i just wanted to get out of there fast.

Becky T., San Diego, CA

Friday, October 20, 2006

Flasher in San Francisco

I was walking my dog back from Lafayette Park last Wednesday, enjoying the sunshine and outdoors, and I may have smiled pleasantly at this "nice young man" because i'm from the South and that's what we do.

Then I noticed that he had his penis out of his pants andwas woggling it at me in a disgusting fashion and hissing something menacing at me. "You like that?" I called him a pig and kept walking, but the whole way home I felt alternately furious and helpless and a little like crying. And I made up all these other scenarios where I'd followed him screaming until he ran away in shame. Or that I'd laughed at him and mocked him. Or that I had a cell phone on me and called the police.

It was awful that this disgusting freak had created this power over me and my mood. If you're around there, look for a red headed guy, relatively normal looking, college age or younger, wearing athletic gear. He'll be the one with his dick hanging out. I've been carrying my cell phone camera in "hopes" of catching him at it again. Maybe I should carry some sewing shears too, just in case.


San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

School Parking Lot Harassment

"As I was leaving school about a year ago, a guy, about my age was blatantly staring at my chest. I gave him a mean look that I thought would get him to stop. Instead he replied with 'What, can't a guy check out a nice rack?' and smiled. I was so shocked and angry. I was shaking the whole way home. Why can't guys like this just shut their mouths? It bothers me that they can get away with something like this. It's embarrassing and makes me feel like shit."

Therese, CA

Friday, October 13, 2006

He confronted me in the parking lot...

"A few months ago, I was leaving work (I work at a coffeehouse) and heading towards my car when I heard two men laughing. I looked back and they attempted to cover their smirks. I turned back, and they went at it again. I turned around and gave them a look like, "what are you doing??" and then one of them said "I'm sorry, we were just wondering what you look like naked." I was appalled!! What gives anyone the right to say something like that to me!"

-Janet, Anaheim, CA

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

He Watched Me For An Hour...

"The man in this truck sat in the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles for over an hour, watching me talk on the phone and read.

First, he parked right next to me and rolled down his window, motioning for me to do the same. He kept winking at me and making obscene motions with his hands.

Disgusted, I moved to a new spot 3 rows over. In desperation, he moved a few spaces over from me. I believe he was masturbating, because his window was still down and I could hear him moaning and it looked like he was.

After this started, I left."


Friday, October 06, 2006

A Tip For Our Visitors

"/Le chinga/ is Mexican Spanish for (I'll) fuck her.

I'm aware of the holla policy on race and ethnicity, but I think that women should know what's being said to or about them."


Added information due to confusion:

" In Mexico chingar means "to fuck someone" or "to fuck something up". In Spain it means to bother, an advantage, or to work hard. "

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

View From The Past...

Thanks for a great idea - love the visual revelations of abusers on your a young woman in the 1960s and 1970s I was frequently harrassed on the streets of Philadelphia and San Francisco. Public masturbation in the Phila. subway (and the main reading room of the San Francisco library, no less) were just two of the more obvious experiences.

My personal favorite was when I decided - in an instant - to holla back. Standing in front of a rush hour crowd at a busy intersection in SF, I felt a man press his erection against my back. He pushed hard, thinking I would be too frightened to move with speeding traffic in front of me. Instead, I spun around and said very loudly, "Get back in your pants - You are disgusting!" As it turned out, he could not get away with dozens of people standing directly behind him...they all laughed at him and my day immediately improved.

T. Brown, Tampa, FL

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Double Trouble

So the other night my friend and I were picking up a video for a girl's night in at the Hollywood Video in San Luis Obispo. As we were walking up to the door, I noticed a homeless man sitting against the wall about 5 feet from the door. I hate to sterotype, but I was sort of expecing some sort of comment from him and sure enough, I wasn't disappointed.

As we passed him on our way in, he mumbled something incoherent that sounded like "How you doin''" and then whistled at us. As I am not technologically savy enough to own a camera phone, and because we didn't feel like we were in any danger, my friend and I just rolled our eyes and ignored him.

Of course, we had to pass him again when we left the store, and once more he couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut. This time he told us we were "double trouble" as he leered at us. Gross.

Can't I just pick up a movie without being harassed? Again, we chose to ignore him rather than make a comment. At least I have a place to rant about being harassed. It is so important for women to realize that just because this kind of annyoing shit happens to us all the time, it is not okay and we shouldn't have to simply accept it.

Submitted by G