Friday, October 20, 2006

Flasher in San Francisco

I was walking my dog back from Lafayette Park last Wednesday, enjoying the sunshine and outdoors, and I may have smiled pleasantly at this "nice young man" because i'm from the South and that's what we do.

Then I noticed that he had his penis out of his pants andwas woggling it at me in a disgusting fashion and hissing something menacing at me. "You like that?" I called him a pig and kept walking, but the whole way home I felt alternately furious and helpless and a little like crying. And I made up all these other scenarios where I'd followed him screaming until he ran away in shame. Or that I'd laughed at him and mocked him. Or that I had a cell phone on me and called the police.

It was awful that this disgusting freak had created this power over me and my mood. If you're around there, look for a red headed guy, relatively normal looking, college age or younger, wearing athletic gear. He'll be the one with his dick hanging out. I've been carrying my cell phone camera in "hopes" of catching him at it again. Maybe I should carry some sewing shears too, just in case.


San Francisco, CA


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