Sunday, October 01, 2006

Double Trouble

So the other night my friend and I were picking up a video for a girl's night in at the Hollywood Video in San Luis Obispo. As we were walking up to the door, I noticed a homeless man sitting against the wall about 5 feet from the door. I hate to sterotype, but I was sort of expecing some sort of comment from him and sure enough, I wasn't disappointed.

As we passed him on our way in, he mumbled something incoherent that sounded like "How you doin''" and then whistled at us. As I am not technologically savy enough to own a camera phone, and because we didn't feel like we were in any danger, my friend and I just rolled our eyes and ignored him.

Of course, we had to pass him again when we left the store, and once more he couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut. This time he told us we were "double trouble" as he leered at us. Gross.

Can't I just pick up a movie without being harassed? Again, we chose to ignore him rather than make a comment. At least I have a place to rant about being harassed. It is so important for women to realize that just because this kind of annyoing shit happens to us all the time, it is not okay and we shouldn't have to simply accept it.

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At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Double Trouble." I'm shocked, shocked!

Seriously, I've been in similar circumstances, and I've gotten unwelcome comments that feel harassing too. Mine were aggressive comments about money. And, by the way, I'm male. This just seems a little light weight given some of the other things posted on this site, like masturbators, etc.

Some people are complete losers and spread their noxious emotions. But that doesn't mean it's necessarily a gender thing.

At 5:20 AM, Blogger laqueesciousb said...

Well, that's the point of this whole site, you know? Not just to point out the obvious and illegal pains women are subjected to, but the subtle ones that are more widely accepted.
I do believe this is a gender issue, I wish more guys would stop their friends and relatives when they say disrespectful things about/to women. It would be much more likely to stop this issue because so much of what it's about is "male bonding."
In the meantime I walk the streets and when these types of things happen I can't help but list the numerous ways that this offends me. Why would I respect the opinion of some random guy on the street? Why does having been endowed with female genitalia subject me to have to listen to what others think about my body? I know these guys don't do this to be harmless, to get laid or to get a phone number, find a success story and I'll say I'm wrong. For no other reason do they do this that to enforce their objectification on us. "Just so you know... you're nothing but a hole."
I think this is a lot deeper than just words, it's rooted in a public opinion about women and an unfulfilled obligation of equality.
It hurts me, it makes me feel like a second class citizen. The scales of harassment on the receiving end, and the giving is so insanely tipped that this comment almost pisses me off. Sorry that happened to you.


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