Thursday, November 30, 2006

Even with my boyfriend...

I was walking down the street in San Diego, CA, with my boyfriend, and several middle-aged men walked out of a restaurant that we were walking in front of. They were passing us up as one of them looked back, nudged his friend and said "Damn, that guy is lucky. Look what he gets to f*** everynight."

I have never been more humiliated. And I wonder just how many women a man like that picks up with those lines?

Simone, San Diego, CA

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Man Who Liked Cheerleaders

Hey everybody, I'm a competitive cheerleader in Southern California, and I'm a high school student. At one competition I went to, I was sitting down with my team, it was a couple hours before it was time for us to go warm up, and I saw a man sitting down, alone. I was wondering why an older man would attend a competition all by himself, when I realized that he was reading something. I thought it might be a competition program or something, but no, it was a porn magazine!

Then, to my surprise, he locks eyes with me, after noticing me staring at him. He licks his lips and says "See anything you like?" and then he winks at me. Now, I'm not one of those high school girls that looks older than usual. I look young for my age, so it's obvious that I'm a minor. I thought this man was really out of line, especially at a cheerleading competition with teams with ages ranging from 4 to 18.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sorry about the break...

Fortunately we're back!

Submitted by Kaylynn from San Fransisco, CA

"I was walking with some friends by the beach in a bikini, when a man who looked about 40 came up behind me and made a comment that was not intelligible. After that, he laughed and untied my bikini top. I was completely mortified at what this man did! What right did he have to untie my top! I want to know why somebody would do this. Why would somebody embarrass a woman like this!!! It made me so infuriated!"