Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am the new administrator. I live in L.A. County. Just recently while I was walking home a car sped by me and the guy on the passenger seat yelled something like "You stink when I was fucking you last night...BITCH!!!!!!". Even though the car passed by so quickly I could still tell that he was very proud and amused by himself for screaming this out.

A few years ago I was close to the school parking lot(standing on a sidewalk close to the math building) waiting for my sister to pick me up from college. A guy in a van seemed to come out of nowhere and parked in a spot where he could watch me. He asked me what I was doing alone and said I should watch myself because some people can be dangerous etc. He then asked why was I not getting in my car. Why was I not walking into the parking lot???? Then he said "come in here(his van) for some entertainment." He then asked if I wanted a cigarette. My sister came and when I started walking to her car he thought I was simply walking to the parking lot to get into "my" car and he had no idea I was actually meeting my sis who was about to drive past me.

He followed me in his van while I was walking thinking he was following me to my car. When he noticed I was simply walking to get inside another car that had someone in it.. he FREAKED. He drove away quickly. Just when I got into my sister's car I told her to follow him and told her what he had said while I was waiting for her. My sister followed him and when he noticed he looked even more afraid and stopped the car. He started shaking and asked what we were doing. My sister said she noticed that his pants were unzipped and she could see his boxers. We went and informed the school security guards and a few minutes after we got home, a police officer arrived asking for a description.

It turned out that he was a math tutor at my school. After a while it seemed that he had been dismissed because I never saw him again. When I heard he was a math tutor I realized I had seen him briefly at the lab before. He started screaming hysterically one day because he thought some students at the lab were laughing at him. The instructors just told him that screaming in the lab is not allowed, after they had given him the chance to scream all he wanted to. Students and instructors even came from other classrooms that day to see what the commotion was. The guy seems kind of slow, and this seems to be the reason why they were being lenient with him. The people at the school just seem to feel sorry for him and said"oh he just doesn't know any better!"


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would someone who is "slow" be a tutor? That doesn't make any sense at all...He's probably just a freak.


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