Sunday, February 18, 2007

I went to Lincoln HS in San Francisco. There was a hallway that I had to go through to get to a certain class. Everytime I did, the kids standing there would call me white bitch, spit on me, grab my butt and my crotch so hard that it hurt, kick me and pull my hair. I reported it several times to the school counselor. Each time, her resonse was: "Honey, I can't do anything about it if you don't give me their names."

Growing up in S.F., CA I've had countless, countless incidences, including 3 horrific incidences with my doctors. When I was young I just thought that that's the way things are. Never thought of changing it because of people who responded like the school counselor did.

Now I'm 40, my son is 15, and I teach him how to respect not only women, but all people. It's really so sad that this sort of thing is still happening.


At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you went through sounds absolutely HORRENDOUS. I also find it sad that people still act in such a manner.

The thing that got to me most was the fact that people called you "White bitch" - this especially astounded me because it means that they (obviously) were minorities, and BEING a minority myself, I hope you didn't find their behavior to be indicative of the entire group(s).

As for the doctors, you should have reported them. I am not chastising you for not going forward (or did you? You didn't say...), because I have been in a similar situation and understand how hard it can be to tell anyone. My concern is simply that with constant access to children, these doctors, who are sworn to protect the physical and mental health of their patients, may have abused THOUSANDS of children throughout the entirety of their careers.

To anyone that may read this (I know that the original poster's situation may be a bit late now): Even if it is entirely retroactive, and any evidence may have long since disappeared, please say something about what any "doctors" may have done. At the very least, it will cause them a great amount of inconvenience during the investigation and show them that their actions really did negatively affect you (most people that commit sexual assault like to convince themselves that their actions will have no long-standing effect on the victim), and, at the most, they would not be allowed to practice medicine anymore.

Believe me, I'm not a crazy person that is simply ranting for no reason. ^_^ As a student who is currently going pre-med, I have to say that I am especially passionate about people who feel that they have the right to abuse people becuase the title of "Dr." sits before their name. It sickens me that someone would dishonor such a great proffession, let alone the patients that entrust them with their health.

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for teaching your son how to treat a lady.

I too, hope you don't have a bad impression of minorities, because I am one myself and I have/will never speak to someone that way.


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