Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well, the fore mentioned Laney Masturbator came back again, did the samething, same computer and everything. I slowly packed my things like nothing was happening and went into the other part of the math lab. My math teacher,who was there last time also, called security.

We waited for a couple minutes and before we knew it the cops came and dragged his ass out in cuffs! I filled out some paperwork, the cop told me that he lifted the guys shirt up and saw his boner (blegh!).

Also, the guy was on probation AND had already been 86ed from the computer labs at Laney. He confessed and signed a statement moments later, now he will have a restraining order for all Peralta colleges. The police also described similar situations where a man used to just stand by the Laney pool and the teacher would ask him to leave (wrong move! ALWAYS CALL SECURITY/POLICE!) until one day he actually reached through the fence and tried to grab a girl.

Moral of story: These guys start slow and work their way up.

The picture attached : This man at Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito said "Now that is a perfect ass" asI looked at art books by the restroom. I turned and said "What the fuck did you say?" "Nothing, I was just thinking aloud," he said with a grin.

"Well, I know you weren't talking me."

"No, just thinking out loud." I decided seconds after relieving myself of his presence that I wanted a picture. But he kept disappearing! I knew he was up to something, so I kept trying to find him.

Seconds later I heard "SECURITY, THIS MAN JUST GRABBED ME!" I knew it was him and followed him and took a blurry pic as he headed for the exit,

"I just brushed up against you, asshole!" security stopped him and the cops got called, but the guy got away anyways. The security guard told me it happens all the time.

Advice to everyone, I know we've been told to get loud when these things happen, but if you act like nothing happened then make sure the cops get called so the guy doesn't have the chance to escape you will be very satisfied to press charges on these fuckers. Unless public spaces definitely get loud, but in these cases be covert and shit so you can watch him be humiliated.

Monica in Oakland (again)


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito, is that in Oakland or is that somewhere else. I live in a differnet city (southern california) and we have an area called El Cerrito but its not the name of the city and we have a barnes and Noble around there. Just want clearing up so i can protect myself. If it's the same place i need to know because i go there all the time.


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