Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Threatning Perv!

This incident happened in Mesa, AZ and Cali is the closest hollaback I can find, so here's the story..

I'm from Indiana and was living in Mesa temporarily with my boyfriend while attending classes. I was walking back from a string of classes, I was mentally exhausted, and I was dreading going to work that night. The college I went to was right across the street from my apartment complex, so I only had to walk about two blocks home... I crossed the busy street and my habit was to walk through the parking lot of a strip mall situated next to the apartments, then slip through a crudely fashioned "gate" someone had made by ripping out a few planks of the fence. As I am walking into the parking lot, some guy with his window down on the road is like "Hey giiiiirl!" I sometimes laugh these off by yelling "hey" back, which I did, and dismissively raising my hand. I continue walking, only to find that he has pulled into the parking lot and is idling not far off, and he says "Watchu doin?" and I say, "Going home from class and going to work!" briskly. Continue walking. Then, he cuts me off with his car, trapping me awkwardly between the passenger door and an abandoned fast food building. This is where I feel like crapping my pants. I walk around the front of his car to continue walking and he proceeds to ask me where I live, who am I going home to, and if I want to exchange numbers and "hang out" later. I say, "NO, I have a boyfriend" and he asks "Why does that matter? We're just going to hang out." And I say, "No thanks my boyfriend wouldn't like that.." He proceeds to ask me for my number, ask why we can't hang out, to which I promptly yell "Goodday Sir!" and run around the FRONT of the apartment complex so he can't see me entering.



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