Friday, December 29, 2006

Berkeley Pervert

I was picking up my mail from the Berkeley Main post office on Thursday evening. As I was coming out, I see a man in a knit cap and grey sweatshirt with navy blue shorts crossing the street coming toward me. I was thinking, ah a guy coming out from exercising at the Y, good for him. There is a YMCA across the street from the post office. I get in my car. The guy comes up close to my passenger window. I see him grabbing his shorts. I was thinking I must be seeing things. Then I see him grab his penis out of his shorts and masturbating. Iwas disgusted, infuriated, pist off. I pulled out of my space and drove around the block hoping to find a police officer close by, but didn't see one. When I came back around the post office, he was gone. I wanted to scream...if you can't control yourself, how about I help you control yourself with a pair of scissors! You pervert! Even though this happens all the time, I'm still in a state of shock when it happens. I forget to yell. I need to remember to yell out and make a scene. Leteveryone around me know these guys are perverts. They need help or get castrated!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

'Tis The Season For Scumbugs

"I was out christmas shopping at the mall and decided to stop by victoria's secret to pick something up for my best friend. When I left the mall and headed to my car in the parking lot, a guy who was older points
to the victoria secret bag and says, "Got something nice to wear for me in that bag sweet cheeks?", so i just look him right in the eye and walk off. It's sad thatI can't even just go christmas shopping without being
bothered by some pervert."

- Lisa, 20